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Monday, December 8, 2008

Travis Jr. turned 12 today...


Happy Birthday Travis Jr.
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Joseph and Angela Dougherty said...

Happy Birthday Travis! We're thinking of you today and hope it was a great day. 12 years old is a big one, we wish we could be there to celebrate with you! Love you!
-Uncle Joseph, Aunt Angela, and cousin Jake

Zepp Family said...

Oh my....good bye primary, hello young men's! I can't believe you're twelve. We loved being able to celebrate birthdays 10 & 11 with you. Missing you on this one, but wishing you the best ever! We love you so much.

Uncle Jason, Sissy, Patch, Livvy, and Bridget

Ben, Ursula and Isabella Dougherty said...

Happy Birthday Jr. Go Cougars!

ashley|josh said...

happy birthday!! hugs!

Kristin said...

Happy B-day Handsome, sure wish we could party with you!


I just blogged into your latest posting. Happy Birthday Travie! It looks like you have a perfect home for a football party. I received your picture decked out in BYU gear. You look like a #1 BYU Fan! Someday you and your brothers can be wearing an official Cougar uniform. And you know what Trav, I'll be in the stands watching you play!!! I love you. Papa #10

OUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parents need to "play offense" - to capitalize on the impressionable years of childhood by instilling in their sons the antecedents of character. Their assignment during two brief decades will be to trasform their boys from immature and flighty youngsters into honest, caring men who will be respectful of women, loyal and faithful in marriage, keepers of commitments, strong and decisive leaders, good workers, and secure. And of course, the ultimate goal for people of faithis to give each child understanding of scripture and a lifelong passion of Jesus Christ. This is, I believe. the most important responsibility for those of us who have been entrusted with the careand Nurturance of children.



Christmas In Elma!!

We left for WA the 13th of December - I barely made it to Seattle to hand the kids over to my Dad and catch a flight to Atlanta where I would join Trav for his company Christmas Party the next day. Trav and I had a fun get away and were able to do a little Christmas shopping. We stayed Thursday, Friday and Saturday and flew back to Seattle Sunday morning where we stayed until January 3rd - We were able to catch a Elma Boys Basketball game. The boys thought it was really cool looking at all the family(uncles & aunts) names on the walls before you entered the Gym doors. Michael and I went and Chatted with Coach Nadau one afternoon. It was so fun spending time with family and friends

Doyle Grankids Christmas 2007

Doyle Grankids Christmas 2007
We spent alot of time at the pool and gym entertaining this CREW - The kids just couldn't get enough of each other.

Trav's 11th Birthday party

Trav's 11th Birthday party

December, January and February

  • December 8 - Travis Jr. turned 11
  • December 13 - Trav and I were in Atlanta for his company party
  • December 13-January 3rd in ELMA
  • February 26 - Dad turns 35
  • February 3 - Tanner turns 8
  • January 21 - Michael turns 10
  • January 22 - Mom turns 35

Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas Eve 2007
My Sister Kelli her husband and their 6 kids drove to Elma from Enterprise Utah. It was the First Christmas all the kids were together in 4 years.

Doyle reunion 2005

Doyle reunion 2005
The cousins jumping for it....

Getting ready for a football GAME!

Getting ready for a football GAME!