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Monday, August 12, 2013

May, June, July & August...2013

 I got out my calendar and tried to give a run-down of our Summer Happenings through May, June and July 2013 -  created a journal entry for fun. You might have to start at the bottom of this page and work your way up so it makes more since. Football practices are in full swing - all the boys are playing this year. The boys have their schedules for HS and middle school...Aiden will have Mrs. Jones for 3rd grade. We had a really fun Summer visitng with family and friends!! We are looking forward to the 2013-2014 school year. We are thankful to raise our boys in such a unique community - to have family close. I am thankful for the blessing to raise my family/boys as latterday saints - thankful for good friends, leaders, coaches, teachers  and family support. Love my hubby who takes good care of us and leads our family. I know that Jesus Christ lives and atoned for the sins of the world. He loves us and wants us to be happy. Love my husband and boys so much. Love watching them grow, smile, laugh and work;)

Jakes missionary farewell is next Sunday(August 18th) - Look out Africa!!! Michael is going to miss his cousin. We are so excited for Jake and know he will do great things in the mission field!!


Travis Jr. has been working at Carters the local grocery store - when he is not busy with football and basketball camps or work he usually is hanging out with friends(Kelton,Zach, Ricky, Damon and Tryson) going on group dates, jumping off cliffs at the resevoir, camping, and listening to music, and hanging out at the stake center with friends and the community crew playing pick-up basketball

Here is Trav with his freinds on their school shopping adventure to Vegas!!
Photo: Vegas or bust! We're not crazy...........Photo

Michael also works at Carters - he has been busy with football and basketball stuff as
well - he has spent alot of time this summer with his best friend Dallin, cousin Jake, Quade, and Jason F.  - they have a really fun group - this past Friday night they went to a bonfire. Him and Trav both take naps when they can - they are way better nappers now then when they were little guys:) them growing BOYS!!
Photo: Good Luck Elder Jason Farnsworth!! You will be missed, but we know you will do great things in Argentina! We love you!!photo.JPGPhoto: Baptisms with some of the Crew
Tanner fills in for Mike and Trav at Carters when they are "busy" - he spends alot of time with his cousin Caleb and just got back from St. George Friday spending a few days with his cousin Samson. A few weeks ago my hubby took him and Aiden to Salt Lake for a week - Tanner had the best time with his great Gram. Tanner loves to cook and clean - A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE help to ME!!
Aiden loves to go golfing every chance he can get with his dad. He loves to climb the willow trees out front with is friends: Jake, Clayton and Jerron. He rides his bike all around town with his the snowcone shack, local grocery store or Marv's(drive-in) - he wants to go swimming all the time - He spends alot of time with Kinley(cousin) at my sisters-they like to dress up, jump on the trampoline, play with baby Quinn, and pick fruit from the orchard at Grandma's house. Every dollar he earns he takes directly to the bank a few blocks away - lets hope he keeps that going....
___________________Photo: Fun
August 3rd
I few weeks ago I was put into the RS presidency in the Spanish ward - This means all of our family records were transferred to another ward and building. We are excited for this unique opportunity to serve with the spanish members - Tanner and the bishop's son are the only deacons - Michael and another boy(Jesus) are the only teachers and Travis and his good friend (Ricky) are the only priest...Trav's been brushing up on his Spanish so he can say the sacrament prayer in Spanish. The branch doesn't have a organized Primary or Sunday school for the kids so they attend those meetings with 4th ward - some of their best of friends are in the 4th ward so that made it really fun. The picture below was our first spanish ward activity on August 3rd - My hubby and boys were troopers helping out with the party and supporting the event...carne asada, pinata, and dancing - Our family is excited for this new adventure for the next few years:)

When each of us has the doctrine of the Atonement written deep in our hearts, then we will begin to become the kind of people the Lord wants us to be when He comes again. He will recognize us as His true disciples. … Making, keeping, and rejoicing in our covenants will be the evidence that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is truly written in our hearts.”

Linda K. Burton, 2012 general Relief Society meeting

I stayed in Las Vegas July 31st at the New Orleans on my trip back from Kansas  -  Michael and Travis came to pick me up  - Can you believe they are old enough to drive??? After they picked me up we went school shopping all day at the outlets in Vegas and headed back to Enterprise that night - Love my teenagers...cherish every moment I can get with them...such good boys!


Saturday July 27th after the basketball tournament Trav dropped me off at the airport in Las Vegas and I flew to Kansas to check on our rental home. Our last tenants were so awesome - left the house in such great condition!! It's always fun to visit good friend Amy who lives in our old neighborhood is pregnant with triplets and has been on bed rest for 5 weeks in the hostpital... and has 5 weeks more to go. I spent 3 days with her in and out of the hospital while I was interviewing tenants for the house. It was so great to visit with her - she will be such a great mom of multiples.  I flew home July 31st.

We had such good memories in this backyard - love the memories of those sweet voices of my little boys playing here in Kansas - visited with some old neighbors - good times:)


Tropicana Las Vegas!!! Was so RELAXING!!!

We headed to Vegas July 24th after the ceremony, Parade and foot races for the last AAU basketball tournament of the Summer. Trav and I went a day early - took Aiden with us, Camped out at the Tropicana hotel and had some relaxation time - went swimming, layed out, shopped a little and ate good food...we were ready for 2 full days of basketball watching Michael & Trav Jr.!!

July 24th is always a big party around here. Parades, foot races and fireworks - They put on a good show. In the picture below you can see Michael riding with his "companies" float...they were throwing water ballons!!

July 23rd Kelli, Jake, Kamrin and I drove to Salt Lake for Tyler's(my Nephew) wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a quick trip. I met Trav Sr. in Salt Lake and drove back with him that evening to Enterprise. What a beautiful couple. I am so proud of all my nephews. They have set such good examples for all the younger cousins.

July 13th Trav and I had a little getaway weekend together - booked a hotel, movie and dinner - love spending time with my hubby!!!
 holiday  inn  orem  utlogo

July 8th-12th was football camp. Kel and I had fun driving all over Southern Utah watching football scrimages. Zach(16), Trav(16), Michael(15) and Caleb(14) are all playing this year. After the last game Kel and I looked out on the field and all four of them were throwing the ball that STUFF!!

The following week was the 4th of July -Trav Sr. came home July 3rd and we got him until the 8th. We had fun attteding the community 4th of July program. Went to Kel's for dinner, volleyball and fireworks - One of our favorite families(the Copes) joined in on dinner & festives.
June 28th - June 30th: As soon as the boys got home from the Dixie Camp we headed to Salt Lake to pick up Trav Sr. and Gram. We woke up early at Gram's house Saturday morning and headed to Rupert(little town in Idaho where Trav was born) for the Stevenson family reunion at the community park. Stayed with Trav's uncle Bryan(Nana's Brother)...laughed alot, talked about old times and Lyslie always makes the good grub - I love family:)

          Trav and his cousin Ann(Hals daughter)

 The picture below is Trav's Great-Aunt Ruth, Great Uncle Bert & Great Uncle Bob - His grandfather's(Mel) , brothers and sister - Ruth is the oldest living relative on the Stevenson side...I think she said she was 98 years old!! Wow!!

          The crew at Uncle Bryans home...treasure these times!! Great Gram Crafton too!

Girls Camp was June 25th-27th
so fun to go camp and hang with the girls and leaders for a few days - HAD A BLAST!! This was our Theme.
“The time will come when only those who believe deeply and actively in the family will be able to preserve their families in the midst of the gathering evil around us.”
(Truly spoken by a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator of the True and Living God -- Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, Nov. 1980, p. 4.)

June 24th-June 28th was Michael and Trav's Dixie team camp in St. George. I had girls camp June 25th,26th and 27th...Loved watching the team/boys play on the 27th and 28th.

June 19th Kelli, Aiden and I headed up North for the Ragnar Relay & JD's(Nephew) wedding. We dropped Aiden off with Gram and didn't meet back up with him and Trav until Saturday June 22nd.

JD'S Wedding

Trav and Luke at the wedding reception

Wedding reception photos

Ragnar Relay from Logan to Park City - 190 Miles...

June 10th-14th Trav Jr. was invited to a team camp up North at UVU - Trav Sr. was able to go watch the games all week...the team had a BLAST!!

June 5-8th we went to Richfield for the Summerslam tournament. Tanner, Aiden and I met Trav Sr.(who came from Salt Lake) Love watching Michael and Trav play together - we hung out at the hotel for a few days, went fishing, ate yummy food, and watched alot of ball.

holiday inn richfield utah


Trav Jr. left a day early from the Dougherty reunion to attend the Youth Conference Trek in Southern Utah. Here is a video below:

Youth Conference Trek 2013

Youth Conference for the Enterprise Stake this year was one to remember, The Handcart Trek was from New Castle Reservoir to Pinto on Friday, Saturday was from Pinto to Pine Valley. There were 20 handcarts with a family of 7 of the youth per handcart. It was a nice weekend with a little breeze. The youth made great time on Friday after most would run from stop to stop, during the stops some would be given babies to take care of during the trek. Friday Night the youth had biscuits and gravy where some ate up to 7 biscuits. President Evans had a message for us that night, then, we watched the movie 17 miracles. Big thanks to the Tullis family for allowing us to camp out at their place in Pinto!!!
After a cold night and some not getting much sleep, the youth had a bowl of oatmeal served with a roll tostart the day. With messages along the way from stop to stop, we were amazed on how hard the youth worked together on accomplishing their journey. Dinner was ready shortly after we arrived in Pine Valley 2 hours early. President Randall provided the evening message along with many youth bearing their testimonies. Big thanks to the young men and young women leaders and especially the youth for making this youth conference a success.


 We headed to Vegas the 26th for the Dougherty Family Reunion  - we had so much fun playing basketball, softball, volleyball, talent night and lots of swimming - the boys thought it was cool that Papa talked some pre-NBA players who were staying in the apt. next to us to come shoot around with us at the church...only PAPA:)
Trav's brother Troy hooked us up with lodging - Thank You!! Thank You!!

This is a picture of the whole group...and the Dougherty Family is still growing Nana and Papa+ 7 kids + 7spouses +21 grands + soon to be 22 with a babe on the way...that's a bunch!! This was such a relaxing Reunion - all the little ones were so adorable. It was fun to spend time and talk with everyone!!

It was so neat to attend the baptism of Madalyn - Trav and Leah gave talks. The spirit was so strong...such a fun memory to have the whole family in attendance. It was so fun to Aiden & Madalyn together again -

I just love this photo of Trav and his family - Trav moved to Elma my Jr. year(23 years ago) of HS. He was good friends with my little brother Luke and spent time over at our house. Our moms(Nana & Grandma Carolyn)were best of friends and served in the Stake YW presidency together. Our dads(Papa and Grandpa Doyle) shared those good Doyle/Dougherty Irish roots. I enjoyed spending time at the Dougherty Residence . Kae and Den were always good examples of focusing on the basics of the gospel - Becca was just a few weeks old(that ages me a bit) when they moved to ELMA. I enjoyed watching Trav and all his siblings grow and succeed in all their walks of life. I love this family and we couldn't of had a better time with one another -Can't wait for May/June of 2015 when we all will be together again:)

Trav's Grandma who is 81 years old joined in the fun this Summer - we enjoyed the roadtrip visits with Gram ...Such a good lady!! Look at all those Beautiful Grands:)

May 24th,the morning after graduation Kelli and Luke talked my into my first road
race ... Micahel and Travis Jr. went with their AAU basketball team to Salt Lake City May 24& 25 - Gram, Trav, Jr., and Mike met us in St. George on Sunday the 26th and we car pooled to Las Vegas for the 1st Annual Dougherty Reunion.

E-hill roadrace with Kel and Luke:)


May 23rd was Jakes graduation and Kelli's 44th Birthday!!Fun to have Luke and Matt here for a visit:)
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Zepp Family said...

Oh man, I just had the best time reading through your blog updates! The Summer was good to you all. So awesome about you serving/being part of a Spanish Branch! So much to love about a little branch...and good on you for utilizing those Spanish speaking talents. What an experience for you all! Ade,you have always been a great inspiration to me and to all those who know you. The Christ centered life you choose to live does not go unnoticed. Love you, sister! xxoo

OUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parents need to "play offense" - to capitalize on the impressionable years of childhood by instilling in their sons the antecedents of character. Their assignment during two brief decades will be to trasform their boys from immature and flighty youngsters into honest, caring men who will be respectful of women, loyal and faithful in marriage, keepers of commitments, strong and decisive leaders, good workers, and secure. And of course, the ultimate goal for people of faithis to give each child understanding of scripture and a lifelong passion of Jesus Christ. This is, I believe. the most important responsibility for those of us who have been entrusted with the careand Nurturance of children.



Christmas In Elma!!

We left for WA the 13th of December - I barely made it to Seattle to hand the kids over to my Dad and catch a flight to Atlanta where I would join Trav for his company Christmas Party the next day. Trav and I had a fun get away and were able to do a little Christmas shopping. We stayed Thursday, Friday and Saturday and flew back to Seattle Sunday morning where we stayed until January 3rd - We were able to catch a Elma Boys Basketball game. The boys thought it was really cool looking at all the family(uncles & aunts) names on the walls before you entered the Gym doors. Michael and I went and Chatted with Coach Nadau one afternoon. It was so fun spending time with family and friends

Doyle Grankids Christmas 2007

Doyle Grankids Christmas 2007
We spent alot of time at the pool and gym entertaining this CREW - The kids just couldn't get enough of each other.

Trav's 11th Birthday party

Trav's 11th Birthday party

December, January and February

  • December 8 - Travis Jr. turned 11
  • December 13 - Trav and I were in Atlanta for his company party
  • December 13-January 3rd in ELMA
  • February 26 - Dad turns 35
  • February 3 - Tanner turns 8
  • January 21 - Michael turns 10
  • January 22 - Mom turns 35

Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas Eve 2007
My Sister Kelli her husband and their 6 kids drove to Elma from Enterprise Utah. It was the First Christmas all the kids were together in 4 years.

Doyle reunion 2005

Doyle reunion 2005
The cousins jumping for it....

Getting ready for a football GAME!

Getting ready for a football GAME!